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Each intern will be assigned a licensed psychologist as their primary supervisor from
their primary site. Interns will receive a minimum of two hours of direct supervision 
per week from their primary supervisor, one hour of group supervision, and one-half hour 
of supervision per week from their minor rotation supervisor. All clients served by interns
 are the clinical responsibility of the licensed psychologist who is providing 
supervision on the case. 

Each site will provide the intern an additional one- half to one full hour of supervision which
may be provided through case consultation conferences, multidisciplinary team meetings,
supervision of supervision etc. Please refer to individual sites for more information regarding
supervision. If interns are assigned their own supervisee as part of their primary or
elective rotation, interns will receive an additional hour of supervision from a licensed
psychologist. Interns will receive a minimum of 4 hours of supervision each week
from a licensed psychologist. Interns will receive a minimum of 4 hours of supervision 
each week. 


Research opportunities will vary from site to site. Students may have the opportunity to
participate in research projects with other professionals on site and present the results of
their research project at a local, regional, or national conference. Other sites may require
that the intern write a major research paper and present it to the staff/ faculty at the site.


All trainees of the consortium will receive experience in the following areas:

Psychotherapy – Each consortium site will provide interns with supervised experience
in individual, couples, and group therapy.  Interns fluent in Spanish will also received 
supervised experience in providing these services in Spanish.  
Assessment – Each consortium site will provide interns with supervised experience in 
performing assessments.  Interns will receive training and experience in the selection, 
administration, and interpretation of assessment batteries to answer specific diagnostic 
questions.  The batteries used will depend on the site chosen but may include the 
following areas: intelligence, achievement, and personality.

Didactic Training

EPPIC includes an intensive didactic training series as a major component of its core curriculum. Through these seminars, interns are exposed to empirical research, evidence-based practices, and scholarly topics that are intended to round out their academic training and to enhance their ability to apply scientific and critical thinking to their clinical work. As part of the didactic program offered through EPPIC, interns will also have the opportunity to meet and learn from fellow researchers in the field of 4 psychology. Interns will attend presentations throughout the year given by these professionals and learn about new research that is being conducted.

Program Development & Evaluation

Over the course of the internship experience, Interns will develop a 4 to 8 week program.  Interns will perform research to support and justify the need and layout of their project.  Interns will consider literature and studies that will support each component of their project.  Interns will also develop a method of evaluating the program for efficacy using relevant literature and research findings.