All interns WILL attend the following didactic seminars:

Intern Training Seminar: Interns will meet weekly to participate in informational seminars offered by EPPIC professionals and visiting professionals from El Paso universities and the community. Topics will focus on the following domains: Psychotherapy Skills, Professional Identity, Multiculturalism and Diversity, and Science-Practice Integration. Interns will also be required to present during the didactic training seminar on the findings of their major research project, dissertation, or past research.

Multicultural Seminar: Interns will attend a one and a half hour sixteen week seminar regarding multicultural and diversity issues which is designed specifically to help interns understand their personal, ethnic, and cultural background and its impact on the client-therapist relationship. Interns will also discuss a variety of other diversity topics.

Supervision Seminar: Each intern who is providing supervision to a practicum student will attend a weekly supervision seminar which includes didactic training in the supervision process, as well as processing and consultation regarding interns’ supervision training. Interns are expected to videotape all of their supervision sessions and have their recordings prepared for the supervision seminar.

Assessment Seminar: A two hour assessment seminar will be held twice a month covering DSM diagnosis, assessment, and report writing. Topics such as assessment theory, objective and projective testing, test interpretation, and report writing will be covered. Time will also be allotted for interns to discuss and consult regarding the clients they are currently assessing as they fulfill the assessment component of their internship program.