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The mission of the El Paso Psychology Internship Consortium (EPPIC) is to provide a comprehensive training program for doctoral interns in psychology, in order to prepare competent psychologists and effective multicultural therapists. The internship consortium was created in August 2012 with the express purpose of pooling resources to develop a unique and well-rounded experience for doctoral psychology interns. The overarching goal of the program is to provide interns with a broad and general training experience in order to cultivate their skill and professional identity as psychologists.

Dedication to Deiversity

The El Paso Psychology Internship Consortium provides a unique and diverse training experience for its interns. EPPIC trains interns to work as generalists in the field of psychology, while emphasizing proficiency in providing culturally competent services to diverse populations, including underserved and minority populations. Our training faculty and staff are dedicated to infusing a focus on diversity into every component of the internship. The rich Hispanic culture found in El Paso allows the EPPIC to offer a multicultural training experience that includes a unique opportunity to live and work with a minority population which represents the majority in this area. As part of our dedication to multicultural competence, we include elements of training that help interns develop an understanding of their own personal diversity and how this may impact clinical services with diverse populations. We encourage interns to develop an openness and “curiosity” toward learning about cultural differences so they may comfortably and effectively address cultural issues (similarities and differences) with their clients. For more information, Please refer to our Diversity and Non-Discrimination Policy.


EPPIC utilizes the scientist-practitioner model of training. It is our belief that the understanding of the science of psychology is an important and necessary tool for the actual practice of psychology. We attempt to help our interns integrate the knowledge they have of the science of psychology with its actual best practice by providing interns with quality supervision and programming through intensive training and clinical work.
This combination helps interns develop both competent skills and a professional identity
which prepares them to work independently as professional practitioners.



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