Completed applications will be reviewed by selected members of each consortium site. Evaluations are based upon a point system which takes into regard a variety of factors. If the applicant is no longer under review they will be notified via e-mail of their application status.


If the intern has passed the screening process, they will be invited to participate in a videoconference interview with the EPPIC Selection Committee. They will be contacted by phone to set up this interview. Interviews take place mid-December through mid-January. Interviews will last approximately 90 minutes. All interviewees will be given contact information of the current interns and are encouraged to contact them with questions about the internship and their experiences.


Each primary site from the consortium is registered to participate in the National Match Services Program. Applicants must include the national match number of the primary site for which they are applying on their APPI application. To be considered, applicants must be registered with National Matching Services Inc.